“Lucinda Berry writes the kind of books you can’t stop reading and can’t stop thinking about once you put them down…”  RT Reviews

“If you’re looking for something to give you another view on life, something to open your eyes,  something to wake you up. Here you go…” After the Pages

“Lucinda Berry proves she’s a master at dialogue and detail… she paints a picture so vivid you feel the pain…” Quitterstrip

“Some of the most engaging psychological suspense stories I’ve read in a while…” LP Lynn

“If you like your books dark, she’s as dark as they come… She writes so eloquently, it’s hard to believe its fiction… Her profession adds a level of authenticity that makes it all seem so real…” The Belgian Reviewer

“Dr. Lucinda Berry is a trauma psychologist specializing in childhood trauma. She obviously knows her field well and gives a authoritative and realistic feel to the whole story. It’s terrifying to know that stories like this aren’t just a figment of someone’s imagination. This, or something similar, is real and happening right now…” Arose Reviews

“If dark psychological thrillers are your genre, then she’s a MUST READ…” Kiss the Book Reviews

“Lucinda Berry tackles difficult subjects with sensitivity. That is not to say she pussy-foots around them, because she certainly doesn’t do that! She tackles everything head on, bravely, but with great sensitivity…” Sandy’s Bookaday

“Disturbing, yet fascinating… what a twisted beauty…” Keeper of Pages